Learn Digital Photography Techniques

Do you want to learn digital photography techniques that carry professional photographers to where they are today? Well, hope that some of these points would help you out in doing so.

Learn Digital Photography Techniques, 1

Have a subject that has sense.

Butterflies. Flowers. Over use of Bokeh. These are all mediocre subjects that almost all aspiring photographers have used. To make sure that you do not fall for this trap, make sure that your subject conveys a message, simple and everyday happenings would make a great subject. If you cannot locate a story, you could always capture unique things like crazy formations, astounding cloud formations, wide spaced beach with lots people on slow shutter, and the like.

Learn Digital Photography Techniques, 2

The high pass filter is a photographer’s drug.

Ultra sharp imaging is everyone’s dream. Of course, who would want a photo with soft transitions, almost blurry and not pleasing to the eye? If you do want this, then use the high pass filter. To use this high pass filter, just duplicate your image. After duplicating, click on the high pass filter and choose your preferred pixel on the pixel slider. The ideal amount is 2-10, depending on your picture, the higher level are for those with more details. After clicking on OK, you would notice that your picture turned grey. Just change the layer mode to overlay, soft light, or hard light, and then you will have your own ultra sharp image. Just be extra careful on the high pass filter, you would not want a dark photo.

Learn Digital Photography Techniques, 3

Continuous burst is the best shooting mode.

Did you know that there exists a nuance of movement almost every second? If you do not believe this, try shooting in burst mode, you would notice that almost each frame would have a difference from the main mother frame. The importance of shooting in burst mode is that it gives you the chance to choose among the shots, on which one has the best harmony among the dynamism of the image, leaving you to delete all those unwanted pictures that may have ghostings and stuff.

Learn Digital Photography Techniques, 4

Prime lens has far more better sharpness than most lenses.

If you love portrait photography, like shooting people, objects, everyday life, and stuff, it would be more advisable for you to use prime lens over zoom lens. A prime lens has a single focal point, it has no zoom feature therefore, but its depth of field shatters barriers! The result is almost lifelike that high pass filter may not be needed at times. But if you are into street photography, zoom lens is better.

Learn Digital Photography Techniques, 5

Macro are not for rich people, meet the poor man’s macro.

Macro lenses costs a lot. Considering that they are only for minute subject shooting, it could be inconvenient for starters. So what is the best solution to shoot macro while spending lens? Well first, use the reverse macro photography technique. Purchase an adapter to enable you to input your old lens the other way around, for you to focus on the opposite, smaller object focusing, side. The second method is to buy macro filters. Macro filters are sweet lens filters that works like magnifying glasses, the result is therefore obvious. Just make sure that your aperture is wide open when using macro filters. The good things about these methods are that they both give images that came from macro lenses.

Overall, there is more method you could use to become a better digital photographer. The only key here is practice. Practice and practice for you to discover more about your camera’s capabilities.

Hi, I am Gaylene Slater, the author of Living the Good Life in Love, Life and Family. Living in a small town in rural West Australia does have its challenges, although this is where I also found the inspiration to write my first book! All along our many travels I have been fortunate enough to engage in many photo opportunities and it really came to a head late last year when trying to master the art of photography. So I decided to help a few other people out and create a few articles on digital photography on how to use it, understand how creative it can be, but most of all just how to really enjoy taking good quality photos. Too really enjoy photography you really need to understand it and be able to use a camera as an extension of your body, mind and soul, only then will the photos really show what you want to see feel and enjoy. For either your own personal library or as a professional photographer the results are all in how you learn it and use it, these articles should help.